Scrap Metal

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Resource: Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal is a building resource that gathered by the Scavenger. It is used for constructing some buildings, but mainly as an input resource at a Smelter. There it is melted down to Metal bars.

Scrap Metal can be all types of metal that were part of trash, or scavenged from destroyed ships.

Produced by


Where to find it

A Scavenger will naturally, albeit slowly, produce Scrap Metal but the chance is not as high compared to Wood. It is better to find resource nodes to increase the speed and percentage chance.

Collectable Crates of Resources
You will find some of these floating in the ocean. Sometimes they will hold Scrap Metal.

Destroyed Ship
A ship with a metal hull. Destroyed beyond repair but there are still lots of metal to be scrapped.
Usable by the Scavenger.

Floating Trash Pile
Garbage that has collected into a floating trash pile. Your scavenger can find bits of metal from tin cans and soda cans.
Usable by the Scavenger.