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Release date:
August 30, 2019

PC / Mac / Linux


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Buoyancy is a city-building strategy game set in an ocean world. The game combines elements of city building, survival, rogue-like, simulation, and real-time strategy. Build your great city from rubbish. Harvest and manage resources, productivity, fires, and sickness. Defend against pirates. Expand your city and interact with others.


The six founding members met each other at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Seattle, WA. Finals for the school are based on a 5-month long video game production; this led to the creation of Buoyancy. The team worked hard those 5 months and the game was well received throughout its production. After showcasing it at the Seattle Indie Games Festival 2018 and garnering positive feedback, the team decided to form a company to make Buoyancy a commercial release.


  • Start from a raft and expand it into a giant floating city.
  • Move your city around to find resources that you need to build.
  • Gather, hunt or make food and beer to keep your citizens fed and happy.
  • Fight off pirate invasions and dodge disastrous storms.?
  • Encounter other cities like your own, trading with them or invading them!


Official Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Dreamhack Atlanta - Best Early Access" Atlanta, GA, 16-18 November, 2018
  • "Seattle Indies Expo - Official Selection" Seattle, WA, 2 September, 2018

Selected Articles

  • "It’s so clever, and the feel of an actually engaging Water-world style video game is great."
    - Juror G, Seattle Indies Expo 2018
  • "Planting buildings feels good and I really like that they don't forcibly snap to grids. It gives the feeling of building your city more of a personal touch."
    - Juror C, Seattle Indies Expo 2018
  • "This looks fucking sick."
    - JigglySpecials, reddit

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We're Devs on a Boat, an indie games company based in sunny Seattle, WA.

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Buoyancy Credits

Kobey Myhre
Lead Engineer

Shawn Hubbart
Programming, Marketing, Writing

Zomawia Sailo
Game Designer, Programming

Kevin Truong
Artist, Concepts

Elliott Hansen
Textures, 3D Artist

Keenan Worley
3D Artist

Byron Brown
Music, Sound Effects

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