Early Access Roadmap

This is our current roadmap.


Alpha 1

Stuff people keep asking for

  • Bugfixes
  • Gameplay balancing

  • Localization support
  • Remappable keys
  • Priorities system
  • Quota system


Alpha 2

Focus on the city and inner systems.

  • Happiness overhaul
  • Sickness overhaul
  • Pollution overhaul

  • Population growth rework
  • Prisoner System
  • Calendar and Holiday system
  • City Policies phase 1
  • Priorities and Limiters


Alpha 3

Focus on expanding the world and lore.

  • New world events and disasters
  • Unique Buildings in other cities
  • Faction related encounters
  • New Pirates and Ships
  • Other City behavior and scaling


Alpha 4

Focus on specializing the city with technology and giving the player progression based goals.

  • Technology progression system
  • Beliefs system

  • Building Upgrade System
  • New buildings based on beliefs

  • Statistics


Alpha 5

Focus on exploring the world to bring new player experiences

  • Biomes system
  • Resource spawning redistribution
  • Unique biome assets and encounters

  • Faction Capitol

  • Artifacts Lore system

Any planned features subject to change or re-prioritized!
Last updated Oct 2021