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Buoyancy is a singleplayer city-building strategy game set in an ocean world.
Build. Explore. Fight. Survive.

City Builder

In Buoyancy you place buildings, watch them be built, and see them produce resources. Some buildings gather resources and other buildings need those resources to produce a different resource. These resources form supply chains that should be transported effectively to maximize efficiency.

There are several types of buildings: Gatherers, Production, Hunters, Military, and Utility.


Civilization Management

Resources must be transported to construction areas and buildings. The buildings also need to have someone working there. Both of these tasked are handled by the humble villager.


Villagers need to eat food to stay nourished, and they become unhappy without Beer. They don’t like carrying resources long distances, seeing each other die from sickness, or being attacked by pirates!

Villagers working in buildings (Specialists) will reproduce at random times. While higher population supports better economy and production, you must be ready to handle the increase demand of food!





In this ocean world there are resources and floating junk to exploit but they’re not always going to drift your way. You can move your city around to exploit the natural (and man-made) resources to give your buildings a production boost. Most of these resources are critical to develop and some are necessary to keep surviving! Find schools of fish, derelict ships, and take advantage of the rebounded whale populations (or don’t).

Moving your city isn’t free; your villagers will need to row the city to their destination. A villager busy rowing can’t be transporting resources or working at a building.



Not everyone is friendly in the high seas. Pirates will attack you if they spot your city. You can train Guards to defend your city from invaders.

Build towers to fight offensively. Or use them defensively while moving your city.

Later on you will encounter other floating cities like your own. Each one of those cities has its own faction and agenda; some poor, friendly traders, some not so.






Release Plans

Our current plan is to release Buoyancy on Steam Early Access in Spring 2019. We have a lot of different features we want to develop and would like players’ input to them. The target platforms are Windows and Mac.
This release plan may change during development.



Subject to change at any time