An upcoming city-building strategy game set in an ocean world.

Build your great city from rubbish. Harvest and manage resources, productivity, fires, and sickness. Avoid disastrous storms and defend against pirates.


Devlog 5 – A Chrimbus Miracle

The Steam Winter Sale is upon us so we didn’t do anything this month. jk here is what we’ve been up to. Junk Cannon Elliott This month we are showing off the new Junk Cannon design. The original asset seemed missized, not constructed with a lot of structural support, and seeming as any other building with a gun on top. Now the Junk Cannon has a cleaner and more reinforced design to resemble the other military building (Guardhouse). The pentagon shape will help distinguish it as a unique military structure from others. When I was constructing the remake for the tower I was worried that the design would not resembled […]


Devlog 4 – Post-Dreamhack Atlanta, Release Plans

Hello everyone. This devlog we have a lot of cool additions and changes to the game. Since the last devlog some of the team went to Dreamhack in Atlanta to present Buoyancy as the Best Indie Early Access game. We are also announcing our release plans and a tentative feature list to get to our release Alpha. Dreamhack Atlanta tfw a random person on the street has heard of your game… Zomawia and Kobey got back from Dreamhack Atlanta 2018. It was our first convention out of the PNW and it was a blast! Although Dreamhack was not entirely indie-game focused we had a lot of interested gamers, content creators, […]


Devlog 3 – Featurepalooza

Oh hey it’s Devlog 3. Let’s go!     Faction Artwork Kevin The faction flag symbols for the pirates and peace keepers, the third faction’s symbol is still a work in progress right now.   Water Shader Kobey Real-time reflections have been added to the Water in Buoyancy. You can see the reflection of the surrounding environment as well as some refraction from the water.   Endless Ocean Kobey Originally in Buoyancy our world was confined to an arbitrary box the players could move around in. We didn’t like this solution to our world bounds so we decided to get rid of the boundaries all together. Buoyancy is now a […]


Devlog 2 – Post PAX/SIX

Devlog 2. Let’s go! Edit: 9/18/2018 Elliott lost his internet and his updates were added. Buoyancy was at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment booth at PAX West 2018. We are all alumni of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and were lucky enough to be showcased by our school at PAX. Thanks to everyone that played Buoyancy at PAX and SIX! Our booth was swamped by the time the doors opened until the Expo Hall was closed. We were also at the Seattle Indies Expo on Sunday with another overwhelmingly positive response from players. The plan is to have Buoyancy released well before next years PAX West. Floaters Kobey Don't like […]


Devlog 1 – Towers, Sickness, Fires, and more

Wow, the first Devlog for Buoyancy. Let’s go! The team has been working hard to get a build for Seattle Indies Expo (SIX). Since our last build for KobeKon we have been focused on adding as much features as possible. Our artists have been busy working on concepts for building redesigns, and some optimization. In the upcoming weeks we will be getting builds out for playtesting, fixing bugs, and polishing things up for showcasing. We were accepted into the Seattle Indies Expo! Towers Zomawia A new building has been added; the Junk Tower! The building takes Wood, Plastic, and Metal to build. And it needs Metal and Dirt to make […]