An upcoming city-building strategy game set in an ocean world.

Build your great city from rubbish. Harvest and manage resources, productivity, fires, and sickness. Avoid disastrous storms and defend against pirates.


Devlog 3 – Featurepalooza

Oh hey it’s Devlog 3. Let’s go!     Faction Artwork Kevin The faction flag symbols for the pirates and peace keepers, the third faction’s symbol is still a work in progress right now.   Water Shader Kobey Real-time reflections have been added to the Water in Buoyancy. You can see the reflection of the […]


Devlog 2 – Post PAX/SIX

Devlog 2. Let’s go! Edit: 9/18/2018 Elliott lost his internet and his updates were added. Buoyancy was at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment booth at PAX West 2018. We are all alumni of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and were lucky enough to be showcased by our school at PAX. Thanks to everyone that played […]