Devlog 42

Thanks for checking out our latest devlog. We are working on our next big update for Biomes and Artifacts. The art team is finished with building redesigns and upgrades and now focusing on art for the Biomes.

Faction Capitols


Sneak peek on the Faction cities



This is the last of the planned artifacts coming to the game. It should be noted that past devlogs about the artifacts should be taken with a grain of salt. Since a lot of the meshes and textures have been updated.

Seismograph Case
A case of seismic data from a long time ago, Kept intact within a waterproof sealed case. I didn’t have much to go off on the design, other than it was contained in a waterproof case. So I took some liberties by adding a plastic faded window showing a sheet of data to help identify the player on what it could be.
Of course, since it’s old and waterlogged I textured it very dirty and scratched up.

Artifact: Seismograph Case

Runal’s Dagger
Strangely I had some difficulty designing a dagger that felt post-apocalyptic. The first iteration mostly resembled a standard switchblade. I changed it since finding out the differences between a dagger and a knife. So I designed something that’s a mix of a BC-41 and a Marine raider stiletto.
I like the use of the metal nuts, and the handle of a plastic screwdriver to give the weapon a more scraped-together look. Although I might change the texture handle to add more details and wear

Artifact: Runal’s Dagger

Landon’s Rusty Sword
While a lot of designs went into the sword. I wanted something that while rusted. Could have been repaired many times throughout its use. The metal staples can indicate, while half hazard placed. Gives the weapon a makeshift look, while also indicating its constant replacement of replacement blades. Overall I love the use of the lead pipe as a handle and the bent rebar for a handguard fits very appropriately with its design. If I make any improvements I will most likely be the bottom blade of the rusty sword.

Artifact: Landon’s Rusty Sword

Artifact Room


The Artifact Room’s prototype is coming together. Some new assets are being worked on and many things may still change. But we are well on our way to finishing the room itself. The mechanics for discovering the artifacts are up next.



Still chugging along with the framework for Biomes. I edited our water shader to have better transparency so you can see things underwater for certain Biomes (Shallows, Ruins). Also added the new varied floor tile systems.

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