Devlog 43

Hey everyone! Our latest devlog covers more of our Alpha 5 progress. The Artifact Room is almost done and we have more asset work on the Biomes update.

Artifact Room

Elliott, Shawn

For this month I constructed an artifact room. We wanted an area where you can inspect the items acquired in-game. The room needed to be large to accommodate all of the artifacts. Also giving the player a goal by seeing all the empty tables.

The artifact room’s assets have been created and placed inside the scene.
This is where players will find out more about the artifacts they find and the world of Buoyancy.

Capitol Cities


Pirate city wip

Biome Things


Skyscraper Peaks (Ruins Biome)
With the addition of biomes to the game. One of them planned was located in ruined cities, where buildings peek out the top. These areas will be very deteriorated and mostly scraped by others when arrived. The variation of building designs and textures are very much considered involving this biome.

Ice (Cold Biome)
The Cold biome will look mostly clean other than the occasional icebergs to hinder the path. I don’t feel like much asset variation is necessary involving textures with this place. But a few ice-related obstacles should be designed.


More working on biomes inner frame work. Testing out some custom biome spawning and support for save/load biome unique objects.

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