Devlog 44

Hey everyone! Our latest devlog continues Alpha 5 progress. Once complete we should be in Beta. The Artifact Room is almost complete and awaiting some fancy UI work, while the artists are working on more Biome specific assets.

Artifact Room


The Artifact Room is almost complete. Some tweaks here and there plus some UI updates and it will be ready for unlocking.

Ice (Cold Biome)


I finished making the assets that will populate the cold biome in the game. I wanted to make some variations for the icebergs and the ice chunks to give the idea of a naturally forming arctic region. While am quite happy with these assets. They might be subject to change to allow better city navigation throughout this biome.

Kraken Base


Ruined Cities


Implemented the things needed to obtain Artifacts in the game. I think we covered this in earlier devlogs but to refresh your memory: Ruined Cities will spawn in the Biomes (unique one for each) and give the player an opportunity to find Artifacts in them. The mechanic will work similar to the Sunken Brewery as in idle villagers will harvest from it. The villagers can also find random resources in the wreck.

Ruined city encounter (with placeholder art)

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