When and where are update notes posted?

Update notes are posted in conjunction with game updates. They are posted on Events boards on Steam.


When and where are Devlogs posted?

Devlogs are posted at the end of each month, serving as a monthly summary of the team’s work. They are posted here on our website and the links are always added on Steam and social media.


Can you translate to this language? Can I help with translation?

Most of the translations in the game are provided by the community. If you would like to help, request access to one of the Google sheets pages. If the language doesn’t have a Google sheet you can contact us and request it.


Is there a road map for planned features?

The road map can be seen here.


Where can I report bugs?

We prefer bug reports to be reported on the Steam forums.


It’s acceptable to report them on our General channel in Discord as well.

I have a suggestion! How can I contact the team?

Join our Discord, send us an e-mail, or post on the Steam forums!

Discord: https://discord.gg/xVxQP3h

Contact Page: https://buoyancygame.com/contact/

Steam Forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1012610/discussions/

What is the estimated completion date?

Hopefully we can finish Early Access at the end of 2020!

Will you add Multiplayer support?

Multiplayer will not be added to the game.

Will you add Mod/Steam Workshop support?

Mod support is not planned currently, but may be considered after we leave Early Access.

Can you put a Creative Mode?

A “free build” Creative Mode is not planned currently, but may be considered after we leave Early Access.

Are you going to release this on console/mobile?

As of right now there’s no plans to port Buoyancy to consoles/mobile but that is subject to change as we have discussed it before.

Is this like Raft?


Who is Martin?

Martin is a great guy.