An upcoming city-building strategy game set in an ocean world.

Build your great city from rubbish. Harvest and manage resources, productivity, fires, and sickness. Avoid disastrous storms and defend against pirates.


Devlog 8

This past month Kobey, Shawn, and Zomawia went to the Intel University Showcase at GDC, representing as AIE alumni. We didn’t get the judges’ attention but the people who played Buoyancy liked it, so we got that going for us which is nice. The Discord channel has been growing. Come join and chat with the community, ask the devs some questions, and make some Waterworld references. Also going on this past month was our first playtesting sessions. Before you ask it’s private and invite-only. We got some feedback on gameplay, confusions, frustrations, etc. which will help us build a better game. New Resource Icons – Scrap, Wood, Dirt, Water Kevin […]


Devlog 7 – Discord and 1st Steam Devlog

Well we’re finally here… our game is on the Steam Store page! If you haven’t already add Buoyancy to your Steam wishlist. Most of the scheduled features we had in our release plans are in game. The only one that will be delayed is Tech Tree. Now comes a ton of extremely fun things like QA, testing, polish, and bug fixing. On other exciting news our Discord is finally ready for people to join: Anyway here’s what we’ve been up to this February. Factions If you haven’t read the earlier post about Factions check it out here:Factions of Buoyancy. And here is a more in-depth lore summary of the […]

Factions of Buoyancy

In a broken and drowned world, the surviving humans had to ban together to form alliances to stay alive. Many of these alliances rose from nothing and fell back into the abyss from whence they came. However, as the rapid changes slowed, the survivors adapted to their new surroundings over the course of generations. Over a century has passed since the catastrophe and 3 major factions rose to power: the Wave Breakers, the Krakens, and the Sea Trade Federation. The Wave Breakers are warriors of justice – seeking to bring peace to a chaotic world. The self-appointed police of the ocean, the Wave Breakers crusade against evil to protect the […]


Devlog 6 – One Year of Buoyancy

The project that started out as “OCEAN STRATEGY GAME” has turned one year old! From its roots as a Final project for school, Buoyancy has come a long way in terms of visuals, features, and overall polish. We still have a ways to go and tons of bugs to squash but Early Access is on our horizon. As celebration of one year here is a montage of the games progression from January 2018 to January 2019. New Logo Elliott I don’t really have anything to show except the logo Harpoon Towers Zomawia I made another tower. The Harpoon Tower fires harpoons made from street signs at any unlucky invader. It […]


Devlog 5 – A Chrimbus Miracle

The Steam Winter Sale is upon us so we didn’t do anything this month. jk here is what we’ve been up to. Junk Cannon Elliott This month we are showing off the new Junk Cannon design. The original asset seemed missized, not constructed with a lot of structural support, and seeming as any other building with a gun on top. Now the Junk Cannon has a cleaner and more reinforced design to resemble the other military building (Guardhouse). The pentagon shape will help distinguish it as a unique military structure from others. When I was constructing the remake for the tower I was worried that the design would not resembled […]


Devlog 4 – Post-Dreamhack Atlanta, Release Plans

Hello everyone. This devlog we have a lot of cool additions and changes to the game. Since the last devlog some of the team went to Dreamhack in Atlanta to present Buoyancy as the Best Indie Early Access game. We are also announcing our release plans and a tentative feature list to get to our release Alpha. Dreamhack Atlanta tfw a random person on the street has heard of your game… Zomawia and Kobey got back from Dreamhack Atlanta 2018. It was our first convention out of the PNW and it was a blast! Although Dreamhack was not entirely indie-game focused we had a lot of interested gamers, content creators, […]


Buoyancy – Best Early Access @ Dreamhack Atlanta

  Buoyancy will be at the Dreamhack Atlanta Thanks for Dreamhack for selecting us to be in the Indie Playground showcase. We are in it for “Best Early Access” selection and will be there every day (Friday – Sunday). We will also be doing a short 15 minute presentation, Friday, at the Indie Games stage. So if you’re coming to Dreamhack this year come check us out!     Links: Dreamhack Atlanta Indie Stage schedule  


Devlog 3 – Featurepalooza

Oh hey it’s Devlog 3. Let’s go!     Faction Artwork Kevin The faction flag symbols for the pirates and peace keepers, the third faction’s symbol is still a work in progress right now.   Water Shader Kobey Real-time reflections have been added to the Water in Buoyancy. You can see the reflection of the surrounding environment as well as some refraction from the water.   Endless Ocean Kobey Originally in Buoyancy our world was confined to an arbitrary box the players could move around in. We didn’t like this solution to our world bounds so we decided to get rid of the boundaries all together. Buoyancy is now a […]