Devlog 40

Happy Turkey Time! Here’s what we have been up to this past November.

Upgrade Meshes


More upgrades this month for the Refinery, Mill, Guardhouse, and Trapper.

Upgrade Textures


I haven’t spoken too much about the upgrades added to the game. So I figured this will be a good time to mention the design focus for them. You can see from Kevin’s models in past Devlogs that a goal is to make the upgrades very noticeable when applied to the building while also keeping the current design. This is done by mostly making the upgrades taking a centered stage approach to change the building. You can notice the added props and unique assets to help identify the upgrades that are unique to that building while some other buildings share upgrade types like the ‘Fireproof’.

I wanted to keep in mind when texturing that it was a goal to make the upgrades applicable to the current textures of the building it’s for. While also keeping in mind that I need to apply usually a unique color scheme to help players notice them. For example, on the ‘Filter Station’ I used yellow and green accents to make the upgrades more noticeable.

Bug Fixes


More bugs were discovered with the ocean’s shader and fixed.



After releasing a small action packed bug fixing update, the work continues on the next update Biomes. Shawn has handed Biome development to me as he works on the Artifacts system. Both should be part of Alpha 5. Most of my work has been design documents and code so no cool screenshots from me unfortunately.

Planned Biomes

A biome with the underwater ruins of past terrestrial cities. Skyscraper Peaks and Concrete bridges can be a hazard for the player’s city. The Ruins has stationary cities that are moored off of the Skyscraper Peaks.

A freezing biome with hazardous icebergs and LOTS of whales and fish. Icebergs and a constant cold debuff make it dangerous for extended stays. The reward is a lot of food.

The seafloor can be seen while the biome is littered with failed attempts at stationary floating cities that have succumbed to sickness or storms. There is not much sea-life but numerous refineries have saturated the waters with crude oil and gasoline.

The Deeps
Basically a desert. The ocean floor is extremely deep and barren. There is not much biodiversity here to support life and the desolation will cause a happiness debuffs. Capital cities and Artifacts can be found here.

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