Devlog 39

Hey everyone. Happy Halloween! Thanks for checking out our latest Devlog. Alpha 4 was pushed out this past month with the Beliefs and Techs system being highlight of the update. What’s next? We will be working on the Biomes and Artifacts update.

New Storehouse, Artifacts texturing


While the back view cant be seen compared to the last devlog. I should note that I didn’t make many noticeable changes to that side. I feel the shape of this structure to be pretty noticeable for its large doors and noticeable ring of direction arrows that wrap around the structure. I found the mix of wooden texturing for one building roofing, and metal for the other. Helps distinguish while also complementing each other with their distinct designs.

Schematics for Arc ships W.I.P
Coming back to the artifacts the first I want to show is these schematics. With the world erupting into chaos. Seems other institutions were interested in a survival method for the upcoming disasters.

Shark tooth crown W.I.P
While very ruff with the mesh and textures right now. I wanted to note I plan on making the crown resemble a shark’s jaw while incrusted in some shark teeth. Whoever wore this must be a pretty big shot.

Extra Building Upgrades


building upgrades

Lighting Bugs, Biomes


Lighting: A couple frequently reported bugs when it came to the lighting were squashed. There shouldn’t be any sudden darkness at night – particularly between night and dawn or when loading a game that was previously saved at night.

Biomes: The code for biomes is nearly complete and will begin testing soon.

Overlay Expansion, and Balancing


Pushed out the Alpha 4 update this past month. During that I was collecting feedback from the Steam forums and our Discord to further balance and fix some bugs. We pushed out several more devbranch updates and a new update should be out soon.

Aside from that I extended the Overlay system to include more helpful information. New information to display are Decay levels, Helper amounts, Capacity, and Firestarter/Flammable buildings.

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