Devlog 38

Hey everyone thanks for reading our latest devlog.

The 4.0 update is almost ready to go! We’ve been doing lots of testing and balancing with help from our Discord community (thanks everyone!).

More Building Redesign!


Storehouse_v2 (W.I.P)
If you looked at last month’s devlog. You will see Kevin’s concept for the storehouse. While am taking a few liberties with the texture work, I plan on following his design more closely. So for a W.I.P I wanted to show the other side of the Storehouse that wasn’t included in the concept.

Like I said in the last devlog, I felt pretty confident with the initial texture work. I mostly spent time making changes to the pit of scavenged junk, and also fixing up some detail in places. I wanted to make sure the early building in the game looked low-tech with mostly wooden parts and minimal use of metal.

More Building Redesign!


New Storehouse, along with upgrade assets.


Beliefs UI and other stuffs


I finished up the UI for the Techs and added a Belief selection in the Main Menu for new games. You can also select a Belief for previous saves though you will have backlash from your Villagers over locked buildings. Related to that I added a Faith stat for the villagers with the intent of keeping gameplay aligned with Belief tenets. Doing “evil” actions will lower Faith and bad things can happen similar to Happiness.

Aside from that the whole system is feature complete and we are on the last rounds of testing, balancing. Should drop the new update on our main branch soon if nothing explodes.

Some other random requested stuff I worked on this month: Pause button/hotkey, Camera tilt hotkeys, Free rotate toggle, Visual decay by color, Trade partner needs help flashing notifications

All important pause button



One last graphical glitch that created strange tiers in the water that was noticed when the sun reflected off it was fixed.

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