Devlog 37

Hey Buoyancies! Thanks for checking out our latest devlog.

Our Artists have been chugging away at building redesigns to replace the original (rushed) assets. On the Programming side, the Beliefs and Techs system is in the testing phase while we work on the start of Biomes.

For other news we have officially been on Steam for 2 years! Originally we planned for 18 months in Early Access development but hiccups during development and lots of feature requests pushed us back more than expected. When Belief Techs and Biomes are complete we will be at our Beta milestone and start working on major Optimizations, Steam Achievements, more Localization and UI Beautification.

Building redesigns


When constructing the smelter, I wanted to use lots of metallic highlights to indicate a trend that I have been using lately with other buildings. The plan is to indicate a refinery/production building like the workshop for example. Another goal to tackle was to reflect the building’s early game use by using very crude metal and lots of imperfections across the texture.

Scavenger_V2 W.I.P
Another building to be closer to removing very old art. I am going to make lots of improvements with the edge details and look into finding better color schemes. Ultimately though this building is planned to be constructed with mostly wooden pieces2 filesĀ 

Building Redesigns


New Fisher and Diver assets along with a concept for a new Storehouse



Finalizing the Beliefs and Techs stuff. The current devbranch has it for testing, and a newer build should be ready soon.

The UI for the Beliefs and Techs was pretty ugly so I am working on a less ugly (but still ugly) version of it. I also decided to add back the Minimum Population requirement for the techs. Nothing too crazy but give the player something to work on as well.

Aside from that just added some small requested features and balancing from player feedback.

Water Shader Bugs


The visual bug with the water shader where you could see seams has been fixed. Another bug is where the water the reflects the sun appears to be segmented while on any setting below Ultra. I’ve been trying solutions but to no avail. However, I may have a lead on something and it’s a just matter of figuring it out.

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