Devlog 36

Hey Buoyancies! Thanks for checking out our latest devlog.

July has come and passed and here is what we have been up to.

Building redesigns


The new Forager model and Brewery along with more concept art

Artifacts W.I.P


Currently, I’ve been spending my time creating the 15 artifacts that will be added to the game. In case you didn’t see the last devlog, the artifacts are objects you can acquire to gain boons and lore about the world of Buoyancy. 
I decided this devlog to show a few more W.I.P of the planned artifacts while I finish the rest.

Now it’s a little tricky to explain these artifacts since they contain lore that I don’t feel like I should explain in detail until they are released in-game, but I’ll give a little explanation of what they generally are.

Sea Lion skull (W.I.P)
Pretty simple to explain, Just a skull of a sea lion. Although it’s viewed as a valuable curiosity due to its now-extinct population

Piece of the Star Plaque (W.I.P)
Before the world went completely bottoms up. The disasters leading up caused the construction of many memorials, among other things

International Disaster Recovery Unit (W.I.P)
While disasters were getting so out of control. Seems the I.D.R.U was formed to locate and rescue the surviving population or any important person’s that was requested

Pathfinding woes


Upgraded Unity to version 2020.3 to try out some new pathfinding options using multi-thread code. Unfortunately they weren’t working as expected and it was taking too long to implement, so I decided to scrap it. Bummer to waste so much time on it.

Right now I’m designing an internal waypoint system that will help with pathfinding during extreme outer-bridge city designs. Good news is the game looks pretty amazing with the updated engine and Shawn’s new water shader.

Lights and Shades


“I guess just put me down on bug fixes with the shader and lighting. Not really much to update beyond that.”

Water with transparency helping to find certain resources

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