Devlog 35

Hey Buoyancies! Thanks for checking out our latest devlog.

June has come and passed and here is what we have been up to.

Building Redesigns

Elliott, Kevin

The Greenhouse was designed to be minimal. with a mostly wood-focused texture work. I felt from the last devlog the building didn’t need many improvements that were already included except detail. So I wanted to empathize the plant life by making the tarp transparent and adding green algae all around the structure to support its theme.

Smelter V2 W.I.P
Very ruff looking right now. Currently just blocking out the texture work. But regardless, just like the greenhouse and others. This marks the next building to get a facelift from the current very early development Smelter in the game. 

Belief Symbols


From Top Left clockwise: Order of M, Necrolism, Neutral, Palazar, Tes’ral

Artifacts models


Artifacts are being added into the game with the goal of finding them from various means to grant boons and lore. These are a few to show for example that you can find while they are being constructed. I should note the artifacts are planned to be 3D inspected once discovered by the player, so all the meshes are being designed with that in mind.

Water Shader 3.0


The newest version of our water shader is almost complete. There are some features that were added so that we can change the shader’s values to represent certain biomes or other events. In the video we can now change the color which the previous shader didn’t do very well. I also worked on the transparency and refraction so now you can more easily see submerged environments (an underwater peak can be seen near the upper left-hand corner of the screen). There are some… interesting… graphical bugs that will be worked out soon and then I’ll be working on the Biomes.



Got the pathfinding fixed and tweaked enough where villagers stop being stuck or going back and forth. Please send us a message on Steam or our Discord if you still are experiencing them. Hopefully nothing else arises so I can finish up this Belief system for a July release.

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