Devlog 34

Hey Buoyancies! Thanks for checking out our latest devlog.

May has come and passed and here is what we have been up to.

Building Updates


Hi guys while I have only 2 buildings this week I got around to building the construction phases for our previous buildings added to the game including Arena, Soup Kitchen, Smokeshop, and the Shrine.

Greenhouse_v2 (W.I.P)
While I don’t see myself making many changes to this current WIP for the remake on the Greenhouse. Much like our other remake buildings, our goal is to remove old art while installing new assets to fit and resemble the game better with improvements. For example, this greenhouse is transparent and will contain visible vegetation inside.

The shrine we envisioned should resemble something found in the sea that most see as friendly. So under those characteristics, we decided to make a building resembling a turtle that the villagers bring offerings and worship to for good tidings

Building Redesigns


Scavenger redesign
Forager redesign concept
Finished Greenhouse redesign asset

A set of more building revisions underway.



Icons for new buildings production and some other needed ones

Artifacts and Biomes


The code for the artifact room and the artifacts are in place and ready for fleshing out the environment and models. While assets are being produced for the artifacts I will be working on other aspects of the game once again.

Biomes (Water 3.0)
A major feature we have been planning on adding are the biomes which will change resources found within each and even add events based on the environment. One of the aspects of the biome system is that the water and climate will change as you travel deeper into the area. There is, however, and interesting… feature… that makes this difficult for our current water so I have begun rewriting the the water shader and looking fix mistakes from previous iterations that have prevented us from implementing biomes for so long.

Bug Bug


Basically a repeat of last month. Working on Beliefs was put on pause again to fix a a wave of reported bugs, and also added in some small QOL features. Still looking into solutions to permanently fix the villagers moving back and forth bug during pathing, though the latest update should help it happen less often.

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