Devlog 33

Hey everyone. Thanks for reading this month’s devlog.
We’re almost done with the Beliefs update and aiming to push it out in May.

Belief Buildings


Soup Kitchen
While a similar design to the Recycling Pool I found the textures on the booths/tables to help it stand out. A notable change was the textures on the cauldron itself to resemble a wooden exterior while originally it was conceived with a metal one, this change was made to help differentiate the resemblance of the recycling pool.

The texture work is mostly active on the top of the shack and barrel-looking shop. Originally the sign on the shop didn’t have anything printed so I felt it was necessary to apply some sort of icon to indicate what kind of shop it is.

Shrine (W.I.P)
While I don’t expect to make large changes to the texture. I plan to include details like grime and rust.

Doing Building revisions for new features


Doing Building revisions for new features



The lore and descriptions of the artifacts have been finalized and are ready to be added to the game. The next step is to begin adding the descriptions to the game, preparing for localization, and setting up the system for artifact discovery while the models are created.

Belief Buildings


Aside from fixing some more bugs I started implementing all the models and logic for the new buildings that will be in the Belief update. Hoping to get everything good for a big update this May.

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