Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) 2018

Seattle Indies Expo 2018 Announcement


The team will be at Seattle Indies Expo 2018 to show off the latest build of Buoyancy.

Some features and polish to be expected

  • New building
    • Medicine Hut!
  • Villagers can get sick and die! or healed by Dr. Villagers!
  • FIRES!!! and villager fire fighting
  • New water shader!
  • Ages of Prosperity!!!
  • More visual feedback from resource gathering!
  • A ton of bugfixes! YAY!



What is Seattle Indies Expo?

A showcase of 25 up & coming indie games from the Pacific Northwest. It’s also completely free with an after party!

Seattle Indies Expo 2018
Sunday, September 2nd, 12pm – 9pm
3rd floor @ Motif Hotel, 1415 5th Ave, Seattle WA

Check out for more information.

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