An upcoming city-building strategy game set in an ocean world.

Build your great city from rubbish. Harvest and manage resources, productivity, fires, and sickness. Avoid disastrous storms and defend against pirates.

Factions of Buoyancy

In a broken and drowned world, the surviving humans had to ban together to form alliances to stay alive. Many of these alliances rose from nothing and fell back into the abyss from whence they came. However, as the rapid changes slowed, the survivors adapted to their new surroundings over the course of generations. Over a century has passed since the catastrophe and 3 major factions rose to power: the Wave Breakers, the Krakens, and the Sea Trade Federation. The Wave Breakers are warriors of justice – seeking to bring peace to a chaotic world. The self-appointed police of the ocean, the Wave Breakers crusade against evil to protect the […]


Buoyancy – Best Early Access @ Dreamhack Atlanta

  Buoyancy will be at the Dreamhack Atlanta Thanks for Dreamhack for selecting us to be in the Indie Playground showcase. We are in it for “Best Early Access” selection and will be there every day (Friday – Sunday). We will also be doing a short 15 minute presentation, Friday, at the Indie Games stage. So if you’re coming to Dreamhack this year come check us out!     Links: Dreamhack Atlanta Indie Stage schedule  

Seattle Indies Expo 2018 Announcement

Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) 2018

  The team will be at Seattle Indies Expo 2018 to show off the latest build of Buoyancy. Some features and polish to be expected New building Medicine Hut! Villagers can get sick and die! or healed by Dr. Villagers! FIRES!!! and villager fire fighting New water shader! Ages of Prosperity!!! More visual feedback from resource gathering! A ton of bugfixes! YAY!     What is Seattle Indies Expo? A showcase of 25 up & coming indie games from the Pacific Northwest. It’s also completely free with an after party! Seattle Indies Expo 2018 Sunday, September 2nd, 12pm – 9pm 3rd floor @ Motif Hotel, 1415 5th Ave, Seattle WA […]