Factions of Buoyancy

In a broken and drowned world, the surviving humans had to ban together to form alliances to stay alive. Many of these alliances rose from nothing and fell back into the abyss from whence they came. However, as the rapid changes slowed, the survivors adapted to their new surroundings over the course of generations. Over a century has passed since the catastrophe and 3 major factions rose to power: the Wave Breakers, the Krakens, and the Sea Trade Federation.

The Wave Breakers are warriors of justice – seeking to bring peace to a chaotic world. The self-appointed police of the ocean, the Wave Breakers crusade against evil to protect the innocent and supply support to those in need. Their primary rivals are the Krakens who revel in devilry. The conflict between the two groups has lasted years and shows no signs of ending without the others’ demise.

The Krakens are the embodiment of the chaotic seas. They seek control of their portion of world with strength and fear. Always at odds with the Wave Breakers over ideological views, war is nothing but an inevitability. They rarely produce things on their own and prefer to build a mighty military to force other cities to provide them with resources.

The Sea Trade Federation is a neutral party to the conflict between the Wave Breakers and Krakens. Originally formed to provide those who sought a merchant life refuge from the harsh world around them, the Federation has become a staple in the trade industry. Three independent merchant leaders have been elected to represent the others and create laws that protect all merchants that fall under the Federation.

Learn more about each faction and prepare to choose sides.

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