Devlog 10 – iFest 2019, moar art

Hello all!

This devlog is a bit short. We’re not dead, we just have a gameplay feature freeze. Our artists have some more stuff added to game.

During this past month Elliott ran the Buoyancy booth during iFest at Seattle Center. There he showed off the latest build, got some feedback, and lots of happy players.

Platform models


Platform models for diversity
-1 Large
-2 Medium
Ranger model in progress

Resource Icons


The Others


For the past month, I worked on the 2nd villager texture that will populate other villages. I wanted the texture to look pretty different from the original.

Our Discord member Justinian made some “minor adjustments”.

Wake and Effects


I helped improve the textures on the wake for the moving city, trying to get rid of the square.

New water wake


There were interesting bugs with the water wake that the cities make in the water. When motors were used the effect would begin breaking apart as it couldn’t keep up. I could have increased the amount of the wake that is created but performance would suffer when a player doesn’t build motors and doesn’t need the adjustment. So I wrote a quick bit of code to add scalability to the effect. As seen above, with two motors there are no breaks in the wake and the city is really churning the water underneath it.

As an added effect to bring the water surrounding the city to life, I added splashes on the side of the foundations where waves crash into them. A new texture will likely be needed but the prototype is in the game.


Zomawia & Kobey

Nothing exciting for us to report… just testing, bug hunting, bug fixing.

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