Devlog 11 – Release Announcement!

Hey everyone, this is the official word: our Early Access release will be this upcoming August! The exact date has yet to be set but it will be announced next month. We’re planning to get out a new trailer too.

Aside from that here’s what we’ve been working on the past month.



This past month I was fixing all the bugs for the pirate invasions while also making some improvements. I made 3 new pirate ship assets that will be used for larger invasion forces. Each type of pirate (Pyro, Murderer, Thief) now has a slightly different look to tell each other apart.

The pirates’ boat can be destroyed and if destroyed the pirates will surrender after finishing their task. Also the player has to choose how corpses and surrendered pirates are dealt with after an invasion. If a defense of an invasion went smoothly with little casualties the city will get bonus happiness.

Made a jumping idle animation so the Pirates are no longer planking.

Pirate ship lvl 4 – Korean turtle ship inspired. There’s a lot of pirates in there.

Thieving pirates displaying what resources they are stealing.

Pyro, Murderer, Thief

More Resource Icons


More Icons from me. Anyone thirsty?



Some of our gameplay interactions were instantaneous. I added some juice to the interactions to make them non instant. Check em out.

Failed attempt to imprison/cannibalize a trade post. The traders sabotage their post and abandon it.


Choosing to cannibalize survivors on rafts. They are knocked out, then carried to the nearest Storehouse. Once there they are turned into delicious Meat.

In case a raft is encroaching your building space.

A little UI juice after winning a City War

Bugs and Polish

Kobey, Shawn

Nothing gif-worthy but just bug fixing, testing, and tweaking.

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