Devlog 12

Release is next month. Hype.

Sunken Brewery


I revamped our ugly placeholder “Beer Node”, making some new animations and redoing the actual asset in game. There are 2 options to choose:
– Slowly harvest the alcoholic seawater, turning it into Beer, and store it for later
– Let your villagers continuously drink seawater for small ticks of happiness (and small sickness chance)

Only idle villagers on a stationary city can take advantage of the node, so if your town has a lot of stuff going on you may want to wait a bit or pause some busy buildings.

Pirate Ship LODs




We had some floating crates in the water that would instantly give you resources. I made some code changes so the crates will wash up on whatever building it collides with. Next the villagers will have to pick it up and it to a Storehouse netting your city the resources. This will keep with the game’s design of “real-time” resource transportation.

Updated Effects Again


More effect overhauls and additions are on their way. Over the last month I’ve looked for ways to improve the look of our environmental effects so that they better matched Buoyancy’s more realistic art style. I’ve also added a few new effects to help build a living and breathing world full of different weather effects. Aside from the ones posted below, there are a few minor effects seen throughout the game that have been updated.

Flying above your city needed something… more. It was when I was on my way home from GDC this year that I looked out the plane’s window and it dawned on me – clouds. What should have been an obvious effect to add to the game took more time to think of than I care to admit. Regardless, after many iterations we have landed on these clouds. Now players can hover over and fly through them.

In addition to the clouds, an effect we wanted to add for a while was a rolling fog. This fog will slowly roll in and out, creating an eerie scene that surrounds the city.

One more new effect that was added is rain. Rain is completely environmental like the fog, so the gameplay is not affected by either.

The old storm had some weird things about it that didn’t look right. I changed the colors and alpha levels a bit, made the rain effect more similar to the environmental effect, changed the color of the lightning bolt, and removed a strange bouncing effect the original rendition had.

Misc stuff


Made some quick explosion launching pirate juice. Bodies that fall in the water can’t be recovered for other stuff.

I remember at Dreamhack Atlanta this guy ran out of food and was waiting for the villagers to eat each other. Well it wasn’t in the game back then but it is now.

Villagers will only eat corpses if hungry and will gain lots of Nourishment back. Surrounding villagers will lose some happiness.

Resource Icons

Kevin, Elliott

All resource icons are done. Gasoline was the last resource icon. Don’t drink this.

Bugs and stuff


copy paste ( Nothing gif-worthy but just bug fixing, testing, and tweaking. )

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