Devlog 17

Merry Chrimbus and Happy New Years everyone!

Here is the last Devlog for 2019.

The City Update


We released a major update this past month that hit our milestone for Alpha 2. The update focused on a lot of inner system redesigns and expanding upon them. And of course there are tons of bugs so that kept me busy throughout the holiday weeks.

The next update is focusing on adding new things to the world.



A new building that we released this month is the Trapper. The Trapper is an alternative use for Fish to produce a higher quality food source. The Trapper produces Shellfish which can be consumed at Storehouses or Galleys and is explained in the next section.

The Trapper works as follows:

  • Accepts Fish as input
  • Once input request is filled, the trap is dropped to the seafloor
  • The duration is long and Shellfish will be caught by chance
  • The gathering can end by using the Building UI button
  • When pulled back up, the trap is emptied and the process starts over
  • The chance to catch is fairly low
  • Chances can be increased by finding the new resource node Coral Reef and Underwater Peaks
  • Chances are reduced when near pollution
  • Chances are lowered if the city is moving



The Trapper provides a new resource at the end of the Fish chain called Shellfish. Shellfish is a great new resource that can be almost on equal footing with Bread. The food can be consumed at Storehouses or Galleys; however, Galleys provide a significant bonus to the Shellfish consumed there by preparing it beforehand while the Storehouse provides very minimal nutrients.

New Buildings Assets

Elliott, Kevin

For this month in Art we’ve had the Prison, Filter Station, Refinery finished modeled and textured.


The Prison is intended to resemble something that’s strong, uncomfortable, with a solid hard material but a highly dilapidated look.
At least the prisoners get 3 meals a day .

Filter Station

This station is used to mitigate pollution effects output from your city. Worrying a bit about the likeness to the tower, we attempted to add on top of the outer part of the structure to seem more industrial


The refinery is a quite sizeable building, The intention like the other big buildings, is to make them stand out among the city.

Coral Reef


With a new gathering building, we needed a new resource node to compliment it out in the world. That resource node is the Coral Reef. The Coral Reef provides a bonus to Trappers’ catch chance as well as a place for Deep Divers to gather dirt. It also acts differently than other resources in the world when gathered from: Trappers do not reduce the quantity of the node but Deep Divers do – and once the Deep Divers deplete their resources, the whole thing crumbles.

Note it is currently not spawning in the game.



Major updates are on their way in 2020 and this includes a lot of world building. We already begun this with our previous updates about Beliefs but a lot more has been in the works for a while. We recently began fleshing out the development of key figures from each faction. While this is still the early stages, we already have a good base for one of the factions so far. More information will be available when we get closer to completion but we will have previews of the characters Soon™.

Input Priority


The last piece of the priority system puzzle was Input Resources, basically resources that go to buildings. The system is in place so buildings in the hierarchy will get always get their resources first if they’re competing for the same resource. Example: Previously Seaweed was removed from the Galley because it was taking all the Seaweed that should have gone to a Medicine Hut. The same applies to the Fisher, Trapper, Galley chain.

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