Devlog 18

Hey everyone. Here’s what we have been working on for the month of January.

Other City movements


Movement logic for the other floating cities you can encounter. They should move around in the world grabbing resources, grabbing prisoners, recruiting rafts, grabbing eat stuff, retreat from other cities or the player, and attack other cities or the player.

bumper boats wacky races

Underwater Eruption


A new natural disaster has been added to the game in the form of a volcanic eruption. These deadly events have a small chance of occurring on Underwater Peaks that are being worked by a Deep Diver. When triggered, a notification will pop up and bubbles will form on the water’s surface where the gases are escaping The radius grows as the eminent eruption draws near until the breaking point when any building hit will catch fire and there’s a chance of death for any villager at those locations. There will be time to move out of the way before the eruption happens and the telegraphing effects will show exactly where it will be. The effects are not finalized and will likely be revised in future updates.

Motor v2


The motor is the next building to get a makeover. The previous building was too large for what we felt it dose, also its static design didn’t allow it to update based on where the city was moving making it very awkward to look at. Now with its smaller design, it comes equipped with full 360 rotation and a somewhat comfortable padded seat for the driver.

Wavebreaker Ship


Here’s a Work in Progress on the Wavebreaker Ship. and trapper models, hopefully cranking out more along the coming months.

Cousin Tank


The strongest of cousins with High HP, armor and cleave attack. Spwnds in higher invasion levels.

The strongest of the cousins



Some glowing bits in the water that can only be seen and interacted during night time. The usage is like the Sunken Brewery but villagers only option is to drink it. The happiness boosts are better than the Sunken Brewery while the sickness chance is increased. The villagers will glow a bit after drinking because glowing bits.

Faction Events


I put in two Faction related events in the game. The first one is related to the Trade Federation. FINALLY that reputation loss will do something more drastic.

The second one is related to the Wavebreakers. They will impose their Wavebreaker Code of No Eating Peoples in WorldWater.

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