Devlog 19

Hey everyone, this is our February recap.

Wavebreaker ship


Trapper asset

Kevin, Elliott

The previous trapper building didn’t contain any mechanical pieces and looked very empty among the other buildings in-game. Now with a pulley and some props along the building should make it more noticeable within the player’s city

Misc UI stuff


I improved some UI stuff based on player feedback and lack of information

  • City status icons redesigned to support buffs and other beneficial statuses that the player had no idea was active
  • The build menu shows buildings amounts on the bottom right of the icon
  • Put tabs in the build menu. We’re planning to add more buildings so the tabs will be helpful
  • Buildings that pollute have icon in the build menu and building info UI

Pumice Raft


A new event that has been added is the Pumice Raft. When approached an interaction choice will popup similar to the Sunken Brewery and Bioluminescent Algae. When gathered, the villagers gathering will have their illnesses removed and once completed the entire city will receive the Horticulture buff. Pumice Rafts will be throughout the world and after an Underwater Eruption occurs.

New Motor stuff


Animated the new motor asset and gave it some effects and audio. The new motor is not static and will face the movement destination now.



A new temporary buff event was created for the Pumice Raft after gathering is complete. Horticulture gives an increase to Greenhouses production speed, increase to construction speeds, and finally cures villagers of diseases and prevents them from becoming sick for the duration.

Wonder Buildings


A new feature we’re working on are the Wonder Buildings. These are unique buildings that can be found through various methods including defeating other powerful cities. When found, players will be given a choice to either annex the building or scrap it for resources. Only one Wonder Building can be active at a time. Wonder Buildings provide huge benefits but have a drawback of a Decay system and some may have additional costs. Decay occurs when the maintenance cost isn’t met or the building is on fire. Once the Decay reaches completion, the building is automatically destroyed and various negative effects can occur from sickness to explosions.

Other City improvements


Still continuing work on features dealing with Other Cities. Improvements planned are:

  • Spawn cities with no performance hiccups
  • Above will allow larger cities to be spawned in
  • Limit one spawn per each city
  • Cities that spawn with Wonders
  • Interaction choices to make another city your colony
  • Colonies send resources but require resources

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