Devlog 20

Hey everybody, March is coming to a close and we’ve got some Devlog to show. While this month has definitely felt almost like an eternity we can only assume that time is moving while under quarantine.

Wash your hands folks and try not to get too misinformed out there!

Wavebreaker ship


The Wavebreaker ship is the latest addition to extending the presence of factions in the game. It was important to us that their ships demand a presence and clear identification, and displaying a threatening might with the size of their ships and crews. Since the Wavebreakers are more organized and demand a semblance of control in the open waters they bring no substitute when engaging the lawless sea.

Wavebreaker ship
Also render of the Last Tree unique building.

Wonder building concepts


Colony/City trade stuff


Colonies are the next step in interaction with other cities. If your reputation is good you can form an allegiance with them. They will then export stuff to your city but you must send them import. Or you can try to annex them with military force. Import and export can be resources, people, happiness stuff, etc.

A simple Allegiance system is maintained through steady, reliable trade or military force. Allegiance deterioration will happen if the city is attacked by pirates, no import is received, etc.