Devlog 21

Hello welcome to Buoyancy Devlog 21. We are still chugging along through this quarantine, getting things ready for Alpha 3.

Wonder assets



I am currently constructing the new wonder being added to find in game. The building resembles a nefarious entity that plagues every facet of our updates, so to hopefully easy our burden with upcoming updates. We designed a tribute to it, planned to be constructed with the finest scrap metal the oceans can provide.

Last Tree

The tree wonder has now been finished. With fresh dirt, natural bark, and tasty green leaves. Will stand out from your run downed sheet metaled mobile industrial city’s. As long  you have fresh water to make it last. Thankfully you are in a ocean so there might be a way to get clean water, right?

Shipyard and Trade Routes


I’m almost done with the core systems of the trading routes stuff. Had a bunch of bug reports this month but I should be able to get this out on the devbranch this week.

Decided to let the caravans not be free so I made a new building: Shipyard. The Shipyard makes ships from Metal, Wood, and Plastic (maximum 2 per building). This building will be required to unlock the Trade Caravan city action. The action will also be moved to a dedicated Ship Management panel. Any ship you send, either manually or auto-trade caravan uses up one of the available ships. In addition (and much requested feature) you can send your own “Pirate” ships, let’s call them “Looters“.

Some cities will export “Relics”, items from the previous world that may or may not operate and can bring positive (or negative) effects. Relics could be Crayons, Newspaper, Soda, Sunglasses, Tech Trash, Cigarettes etc.

Camera Lock


A quality of life change is coming to Buoyancy. People have requested to have the ability to lock the camera to the city while moving to make it easier to place buildings and design their cities while on the move. This feature can be toggled (default ‘L’) at any time during gameplay. We hope this feature helps players enjoy Buoyancy a little better.

Population Progress Bar


In the future, we plan on adding more features that rely on population achievements. To help players track their progress, a progress bar has been created. An effect will play and the next achievement will be indicated whenever your population grows (naturally or recruitment). There’s also an effect when your population decreases.

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