Devlog 22

Hello we are Devs on a Boat and welcome to Buoyancy Devlog 22.

We gottalotta stuff done this past month so hold on to your butts.

Moar pirates


Several things were changed for the pirates. First off Random Pirate invasions are now disabled. Instead of random invasions the player can run into Pirate Scouts. A Pirate Scout will head towards your city, and when docked will demand tribute. You must pay up or face a future invasion. You can also encounter a wrecked Pirate Scout. You have to get there quickly and interact with them before they fix up and escape. When interacted you can help them, eat them, or do other stuff. Results may vary.

Wrecked Pirate Scout

Two additional pirate ships were created: the Launcher and Junkmarine. The Launcher doesn’t dock at your base but instead launches a variety of Pirates at your city. Some of them should survive the fall. The Junkmarine, also doesn’t dock at your city AND stays at a distance, spawning Skubassasins. To stop either boat from creating more Pirates the player has to crash into them (this kills the Junkmarine).


Three new pirate types made: Plague Pirates, Skubassassins, and Boomers. Plague Pirates behave like the Pyros but instead of fire they throw bottles of sickly stuff at your villagers. Boomers run into crowds and blow up, damaging friend or foe. Skubassassins only spawn from the Junkmarine. They spawn at random open spots in your base, killing a villager, then stealing resources.

The last of the changes are that docking Pirate Boats DO NOT lock City Movement. Now there are ways to destroy the ships using the environment, but I’ll let you guys figure that out.

Blight Event


Blight is a new random event that can occur to Greenhouses. Blight is a disease that will ravage your city’s crops – destroying a portion of your grains – and all affected Greenhouses cease production. The Blight can also spread to neighboring Greenhouses. Villagers can also get sick if they are in the vicinity of the Blight. Fire or the destruction of the affected Greenhouses will kill the Blight. Eventually the blight will run its course. Once the blight has ended all Greenhouses will return to normal operation.

Wonder Assets

Elliott, Kevin

Monument of M

The Monument of M was quite a pickle with lots of disassembled pieces to construct this holy statue. Particularly the legs were very entertaining to create. After many poses we found this to be suitable for our design.

Gulls Nest

We wanted to have a very different looking building that can have a distinct look among the city to exemplify its wonder and uniqueness. the top of the mesh will contain an alpha map to have transparent textures so you can see the birds reside.


We had some issues trying to exemplify its uniqueness as a wonder finding previous designs needing something to exemplify its a building for planes. So we ultimately placed a lot of references to planes including turbines and jet wings.

Work in progress Wonders

Whose cousin is that?


Waterworld - Adios cousins : matt01ss

I added a “Cousin Rating” system to the city stats. Inner villager growth causes it to go up. Adding outsiders makes the rating go down. Any new villagers born will inherit the current Cousin Rating. Cousin Rating affects villager stats and proneness to accidents.

New Horticulture Effects


Horticulture was missing some telegraphing effects so we added them. Now piles of pumice will appear next to buildings affected by the Horticulture bonus (Greenhouses and those under construction). Buildings under construction will also see pumice pieces in the default construction effect.

Seaplane concept


The Last Seaplane

Whipped up a placeholder concept for the Seaplane. This will be used from a Military Action when fighting peoples. Unlocks when the Hanger/Carrier wonder is built. (NOT INGAME YET)



Found some cigarettes

Started first phase of implementing relics. Relics are items from the old-world that you can find in drifting resources, or other cities will send you them. Relics provide some Happiness boosts and may start an interaction event. Some of them have some effects like the cigarettes, records, and sunglasses.

Later on we plan to make other types of relics the player collects. It will piece together (LIKE A JIGSAW PUZZLE) to tell backstory of the world.

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