Devlog 24

Hey everyone! July has come and gone and we reached our Alpha 3 milestone. During the Steam Sale we received a lot of a helpful feedback and suggestions with the influx of new players. Well here’s what we have been up to during July. Read on!

Workshop and Pirate models


July was a bit of a slow month but here’s a concept for the look of the workshop and the new pirate models.

Workshop Concept
Pirate models, from L to R
Skubassasin, Plague Doctor, Cousin Tank, Exploder

Caravan, Water Cannon assets


Military Caravan W.I.P
The military caravan blocky design was to resemble a landing craft while also having a turrets to supply firepower.

Medical Caravan W.I.P
The Medical Caravan design was to focus on it being viewed as a support vehicle. Stripped of armaments and having a traditional design, leaves it looking very vulnerable while containing supplies and amenities, such as medicine and comfortable beds with shade

Water Cannon
Tired of dealing with pesky fires? Don’t worry! Our sophisticated, under educated villager engineers designed a new tower type to combat this threat. To help visually differentiate from other towers, the villagers are using the brightest blue barrels and bright colored hoses they can find.

The original water cannon was “programmer placeholder art”

Graphical Overhaul


Our graphical update has been going fairly well, despite some minor hiccups. After managing to conjure our new water shader via shadermancy and using mathematical jujitsu to fix interactions with the world, we have a working water shader and updated graphics. There are some additional things we need to add or adjust to make sure it is ready to go but we will be releasing the updated rendering pipeline soon. For now, here is some before and after screenshots to show the differences.

Building Upgrade System


To reach our Alpha 4 milestone the two main features to accomplish are Building Upgrades and Technology. Building Upgrades will be tackled first.

Upgrades will be handled through “Upgrade Tools” in the tools panel. When an Upgrade Tool is selected buildings will change color depending if they’re applicable or already have the selected upgrade. Hovering over a building with the Tool will give a special tooltip with upgrade information and costs. Building production will be paused while upgrading. The upgrade itself will be similar to building construction, villagers bringing resources to the site until a worker constructs the upgrade.

Here’s a list of the current Upgrade Tools:

  • Tool: Efficiency
    Buildings: Gathering building that have efficiency drops, Buildings with “ammo”
    Efficiency drops are lower from neighbors, “Ammo” per input increased
  • Tool: Production
    Building: Any building with Production cycle
    Production speed is increased (unique number per building)
  • Tool: Lightning Rod
    Building: Production Style buildings
    Large chance of absorbing lightning strikes for zero damage
  • Tool: Fireproofing
    Building: Flammable buildings, other select buildings
    Lowered chance of catching on fire
  • Tool: Storage
    Building: Storehouses, Guardhouses, Medicine Hut
    Increases Max Capacity of the Storehouse, Maximum military units in the building, Maximum Medicine
  • Tool: Renovation
    Building: Large Buildings (Galley, Storehouse, etc)
    Reduces the mass of the building through material replacement
  • Tool: Ballistics
    Building: Towers, Ranger Barracks
    Increases accuracy/range of Towers, increases Ranger accuracy/firing range when trained at that Ranger Barracks
  • Tool: Reinforcement
    Building: Select buildings
    Increases building Health (that would be from Decay, Damage from other stuff)
  • Tool: Special
    Building: Select buildings
    Does a unique upgrade depending on type of building.

Demands redone


I redid the Demands system so, that instead of random amounts of resources, the player has to meet a certain Trade Value to meet the demands. This will work with any demands from Pirate Scouts and ending Pirate Invasions or City Invasions. The Demanded Trade Value will scale on the population, days played, and amount of resources.

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