Devlog 25 – One Year on Steam!

Hey everyone, we have officially been on Steam for one year! The team would like to thank all our fans for the support and feedback we received. We made a short recap video highlighting features we have implemented since Day 1 of the Steam release.

Caravan Textures


Worked a bit on the Medical and Military caravan this month. I plan to focus the textures more on the clarity. With notably the tent on the Medical caravan, and the turret with the Military caravan. While the Military caravan needs more work I plan to experiment a little with the Medical caravan first. It should be noted since both the medical caravan and military caravan are work in progress its very likely to subject change.

Relics Management


Kinda old news by now since it was in the last update but I added the option to save Relics. Since most Relics give Happiness, among other benefits, the player can save them and use them when needed. I also added some other Relics that give city bonuses like Drills (temp increase rower thrust), Fish Nets (temp increase Fish production).

The next part of Relics will be a “RELIC_HUNTER” that can go through Junk to find Relics. Also want to mention Artifacts, special Relics that are strictly for lore and world building, giving clues to show how the current world came to be. Phase 3 of Relics will probably come after Upgrades and Tech tree stuff.

Graphical Improvements


The new graphical improvements are almost done. I am working on optimizing the performance so it doesn’t bog down older GPUs as well as fixing bugs with the new shaders and rendering pipeline.

Main Menu with HDRP

Workshop asset


Save System reworked


It was a long requested feature: Autosaves are different savefiles. Well there it is.

Building Upgrades


Still chugging along implementing building upgrades! Nothing really to show. =)

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