Devlog 26

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by. Here’s the latest Devlog to show what we have been up to during September.

Caravans Textured


Caravan Medical ship
The Medical ship Takes on a new look from the last devlog. I wanted a distinction from the Military ship by using a different material. Since the medical ship is basically a defenseless support ship, I removed the metal casing to go with a more lightweight design by making the ship primarily out of wood.

Caravan Military ship
I wanted to keep the metal design of the military ship to exemplify its armor protection and make the turrets more noticeable from further distances. I did this by cleaning up the intense rust and dirt. While also adding more noticeable coloring on the turrets and a general red paint coloring around the ship to stand out from the gray metal.

Shipyard, Mill redesign asset


New shipyard model complete waiting for textures and a sneakpeak on possible mill changes.

Trade Value Sliders


A much requested feature.

Graphical Update


A lot of work has gone into updating our rendering pipeline; from rewriting shaders to adjusting lighting and lots of tiny number changes to improve the look of the game and the performance on lower end machines. After lots of research and testing builds, we’re finally close to our performance goal. Well, we have reached our initial goal but we want to make it even better – just in case. The above graph shows frame by frame what frame rate our new rendering is causing. It’s a little upside down because it is measuring resource usage (so when it peaks, it is using the most resources) so we want it to be measuring below that 60 fps line.

While on average we’re getting about 60 fps on a GTX 750ti, we have a couple ideas that may improve that rate even more. Then we’ll merge it into production and fix any issues that may cause. If things go well, we’ll have the updates out fairly Soon™.

Building Upgrades


Still chugging along with the Upgrades System. I decided to make the resource costs instant used instead of using Villagers to transport them; there will still be an “upgrading time”.

As of now the system is mostly complete but I need to have better UI and asset feedback for the player, as well as save/load support.

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