Devlog 27

Happy Halloween! Here’s the latest Devlog to show what we have been up to during October 2020.

Mill v2, Workshop assets


Mill V2
The Mill redesign is a response to our new upgrade system for the buildings in-game. The original was also an asset that was made very early in development. So we figured to make the asset more compatible with the upgrade system and remove old art at the same time

Mill v2

The design for the Workshop was focused to make it seem like a very active workstation. With multiple smokestacks and moving parts such as the wheel on the back and the piston hitting the anvil. 


Artist Update here


Artist update here, this month I have been working on replacing the old model of the Hot Air Balloon and a look on an upcoming Wonder building in the works. And eventually we may see something else that’s airborne and possibly feathery.

Pirate Armors


Pirate armor: Skuba 
With this armor being pretty simple in design I wanted the flippers and red cape to help identify these sneaky pirates when they slip behind your lines
Pirate armor: Plague
With very light armor, I wanted the plague to be distinguishable by its green and yellow color tones 
Pirate armor: Exxxxploder
The Explorer should be considered an important target with its big red explosive barrel and red flags to help spot this sapper before it demolishes your city buildings
Pirate armor: Cousin Tank
The tank armor needed to look very reinforced but also very crude in design. With an emphasis on the bulky rusted metal that looks very cumbersome.

Graphical Update


We near the completion of our updates to the rendering of Buoyancy. We have tested the current DevBranch build with the new graphical updates, fixed any bugs found, and tweaked some more values – and it is all coming together. My latest adjustments have been with the water shader and lighting (including an updated day/night cycle). Buoyancy HD will be released after updates to some older textures, further testing, and adjustments.

Stats and Management


Started working on Statistics and Management. First tackled a UI displaying your entire population. You can see individual Villager stats, and do some commands like Banish, Public Execute, Send to Prison, Kill, End Task.

Prisoner Management and overall City Stats is planned as well, accessed through tabs. I also moved the Priority Systems to this panel (not pictured).

Building Upgrades


I’ve finished the Building Upgrades system and they are in a testing phase. The devbranch has constant updates available for anyone to test. We are expecting to release an update soon.

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