Devlog 28

Gobble gobble.



Sticking with a lot of the refining buildings this building mostly uses a metal design. But experiments with the design by being mostly constructed from the hull of a ship and less from the design of a constructed building from mostly scrap pieces

Hot Air Balloon (WIP)
A particularly noteworthy asset that only is seen when deployed by the city. I found it interesting to experiment with the torn mixed fabric design we tend to apply throughout our textures on this asset. While am more comfortable with the direction for the basket, I most likely will make changes to the fabric on the balloon

Wrecker Ship (WIP)
While I want to keep the frame more wooden I feel the plastic bulkiness on the front and sides makes the asset look a little silly. But I am in favor of a primarily green color pallet

Ships n’ chips


This’ll probably be what I want to show for this Devlog

Graphical Update… Again…


After the launch of our updated rendering we found that players using the Linux OS were unable to play the game. To remedy this, we had to upgrade our engine – now Linux players were able to once again enjoy Buoyancy… Weeeeeeell…. Turns out, the upgrade also changed a lot of how lighting and shaders worked; our textures were blinding, the scene lighting was not correct, and shaders broke leaving textures invisible in game. We had to fix as much as we could quickly so we didn’t blind the players from the sheer reflection of the sun from their cities. After the most problematic bugs were fixed, we began working on lesser issues and will continue to fix reported graphical bugs that may pop up as more players are able to find them.

Storage System changes


The Storage system was reworked. Building production doesn’t stop anymore if you reach maximum storage. Resources will now decay if their Storehouse is at capacity. Villagers can also die from falling crates at overcapacity Storehouses.

Watch out for falling Whale.

Various Requested Stuff


Buildings under construction can be paused and resumed

Recruit amount from other cities

Screenshots for save games

See what resources villagers are carrying. Use the overlay toggle button and enable it in Settings menu.

Pausing and resuming resource storage in Storehouses

Stats Menu


Finished with the stats menu for now. Added a World panel and a calendar to it so you can see the current day and future holidays. I intend to put Biome, Seasons, and Weather information there when we get those systems running.

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