Devlog 29

Happy Chrimbus and New Year! Here is our recap to end this year.

Oil Rig, Historian


all I can show for this months dev-log.

Oil Rig



Wrecker Ship
I removed the plastic that was prominent in the WIP from last month’s design for this ship. I found a dirty metallic and green look for this type of vehicle to fit with the idea of a garbage truck roaming for loot.

Hot Air Balloon
Scaling way back from the design I tend to give most cloth textures for this game. going for a more simple color scheme, but wanting to add some detail by adding loose deteriorated netting and stained fabric around the balloon 

Exploder Ship (textured by Chris Casebolt)
The Exploder ship design was to be small, fast, and lightly armored. 
While the textures weren’t created by me, I felt it was important during the creation of this to 1. make the payload of the ship very visible, and 2. have noticeable armor in the front and the rest exposed

Fuel Factory (W.I.P)
While early in the texturing phase, like the refinery I want to keep with the industrial look of the factory. I don’t want to say anything for certain with this asset, but I most likely don’t want to overuse the red color hues that are going on in this texture.

Moon Cycles


The day and night cycles needed some work with the new way that lighting affects the world in the new render pipeline. Once that was figured out, we began working on new features we wanted to add – one of which is a moon cycle. The moon cycle changes the lighting at night (full moon will have the most while the new moon will have very little to no light). This part of the feature has been implemented.

The second aspect of the moon cycle is to create different scenarios such as more fish or algae spawning during a full moon. These events are still in development but will be launched as soon as testing is complete.



The next big alpha phase involves the lore and story and we are finally ready to write out details of the lore and how it will be implemented in the game. I have worked with Zom on the belief system and how the different beliefs can be implemented into gameplay mechanics.

I’m also currently working on the design of how the story will be implemented. There are two parts to this: the world history (including beliefs) and the active story that the player takes part in. While both have various write ups ready for expansion, the world history will be the first to be implemented. We are going to have a system of discoverable objects in the game that will be added to a global (non-city specific) library where players can read more about the discovered items. For the active story (which involves the factions), there’s a tentative plan that may or may not change. More information on both sets of lore will be released in the coming months.

Placeables, Free Rotate, etc.


Added placeable objects in the game. These include different size walls, lamps, emu, etc. Some are cosmetic while some give some kind of bonus. Walls for example block unit navigation but can be destroyed by invaders (or player).

Free rotate of any building or placeable

Requested feature to show existing built buildings when hovering over them in the build menu.

Also made some more cities to run into

Beliefs and Techs


Started working on the Beliefs system. We decided to merge the Beliefs and Tech as one. There are 4 beliefs (and one default/neutral) with their own quirks and features.

Selecting a belief will disable buildings, unlock new buildings, give unique passives buffs/debuffs, and actions. Each belief will have their own distinct tech progression and play-style.

WIP panel for belief selection

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