Devlog 30

Hello and Welcome back to the Buoyancy devlogs.

New Buildings assets


Fuel Factory
While in the last Devlog I said I most likely will reduce the number of red hues in the texture. I found them very eye-catching and saw a lot of compromise with the other colors that the texture had with greens and yellows 

I wanted to primarily focus on a wood-based texture, letting the unique building design take stage while not resembling something very industrial. It should be noted while not in the render the torches will be lit, and collected relics are placed on top of the podium


Belief Building Concepts


For Devlog if I’m not too late

Artifacts. History, Lore, and the Artifact Room


We have begun work on implementing the artifact system which encompasses all the history and lore aspects of our storytelling. Artifacts will be uncovered during playthroughs and store in the artifact room which will be accessed from the main menu and in-game. All artifacts in this room can be clicked on to get a closer view, rotate, and learn more information about the part of history it represents. There are also plans to include information about each belief but, for now, we are focused on the history. Here is the prototype for what we have.



Zom fix bugs. Go away bugs.

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