Devlog 31

Hey everyone thanks for reading this devlog. We are still chugging along getting the new buildings done for the Beliefs system. The Beliefs system in-game is still under progress as well as the Artifacts and lore. Also we did a ton of bugfixes during February and the game seems pretty stable after playtesting a bunch.

Belief buildings assets


Oil Rig Platform


This asset, in particular, was more time-consuming than I initially thought. I found a struggle with finding a balance of the design by keeping most objects more traditional designed, while also applying more crude constructed buildings and textures. I applied this thought process because I wanted some of the buildings to appear as if they been simply damaged and worn by time and use, while others are constructed by the people residing there. I can see improvements could be made by applying more objects like creates or tables to apply a more living abode to who lives here. But overall I find the shape and organized chaos with the textures to work nicely with the platform and fit well into the game.

Recycling Pool


While this asset is labeled WIP It most likely won’t be seeing many changes since the color scheme is almost identical to the concept, I still will play around with adding more detail and cohesion to the texture



Most artifacts history’s are in the pre-writing stage, many are outlined, and three have their narrative drafted. Hopefully we’ll have most drafted and/or being revised by the next Devlog.

Belief System


Been working on the beliefs system intermittently between bug fixing phases. The UI for selecting new techs is working as is the Belief selector panel. I decided not to a do a tech tree but make the whole tech system open, kind of how building availability and upgrades are.

You earn tech points in-game to unlock the belief techs. Each Belief earn points during gameplay differently though some may overlap. Examples: destroying a city, hitting a population goal, crash into a trading post.

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