Devlog 15

Hi everyone. October has come and gone and we’re officially 2 months into Early Access! Big thanks to our Discord community for helping us test new devbranch builds and reporting all those damn bugs. If you want to try out the latest devbranch builds, just go to your Steam Library, Right-Click on Buoyancy and select […]


Devlog 14

Hi everyone. It’s been a hectic first month after release! We planned September to be only bugfixes and OH MAN were there bugs. Nevertheless we managed to reach our Alpha 1 milestone. Here’s a monthly recap of what we’ve been up to. Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes Kobey, Zomawia We’ve been working tirelessly fixing […]


Devlog 13

Hello everyone! The Early Access launch is tomorrow and we are very excited. Several CREATORS that contacted us had a chance to play a pre-release copy of Buoyancy. This was initially nerve-racking to watch but, aside from some expected bugs, everything went smoothly! Here are several videos at their peak freshness handpicked by Shawn: English […]


Devlog 12

Release is next month. Hype. Sunken Brewery Zomawia I revamped our ugly placeholder “Beer Node”, making some new animations and redoing the actual asset in game. There are 2 options to choose:– Slowly harvest the alcoholic seawater, turning it into Beer, and store it for later– Let your villagers continuously drink seawater for small ticks […]


Devlog 11 – Release Announcement!

Hey everyone, this is the official word: our Early Access release will be this upcoming August! The exact date has yet to be set but it will be announced next month. We’re planning to get out a new trailer too. Aside from that here’s what we’ve been working on the past month. Pirates Zomawia This […]


Devlog 10 – iFest 2019, moar art

Hello all! This devlog is a bit short. We’re not dead, we just have a gameplay feature freeze. Our artists have some more stuff added to game. During this past month Elliott ran the Buoyancy booth during iFest at Seattle Center. There he showed off the latest build, got some feedback, and lots of happy […]


Devlog 9

April has come and gone while the team has been working on stability and polish for the Steam stuff. This month we were mentioned in a Rock, Paper, Shotgun article! Though the words said weren’t very complimentary it’s nice to have some official exposure and critique. Effects Shawn Wake effects are getting a texture change. […]


Devlog 8

This past month Kobey, Shawn, and Zomawia went to the Intel University Showcase at GDC, representing as AIE alumni. We didn’t get the judges’ attention but the people who played Buoyancy liked it, so we got that going for us which is nice. The Discord channel has been growing. Come join and chat with the […]


Factions of Buoyancy

In a broken and drowned world, the surviving humans had to ban together to form alliances to stay alive. Many of these alliances rose from nothing and fell back into the abyss from whence they came. However, as the rapid changes slowed, the survivors adapted to their new surroundings over the course of generations. Over […]